A tribute to nature

The striking Floral Botanica boiserie, designed in collaboration with makethatstudio, is a cladding system for the kitchen consisting of a fully equipped and versatile wooden wall panelling.

It is embellished with wooden decorations featuring individually hand-carved botanical details that highlight its aesthetic qualities and give it a distinct personality.

The elegant and functional Floral Botanica boiserie system can be customised with pocket doors or pull-out doors, shelves and open or closed compartments, as required and depending on how the space will be used. It can even include passage doors, which can be integrated into the panelling.

The formal lightness of the new Archetipo island, with a carefully balanced use of volumes and colours, is an integral part of the design. Fitted with drawers and supported by two cylinders, which are also handy for passing cables through, it adds to the modular design of the furniture.