• The Identity

  • The Identity

Quality, innovation and environmental conscience

L’Ottocento was founded in Cittadella, in the Italian province of Padua in 1993. Guided by its passion for high quality standard, the company manufactures artisan kitchens and furniture, which combine elegance and functionality, for the living room and other areas of the home. Fine wood, with its warmth and texture, is the hallmark of every creation, featuring timeless style and excellent quality.
The brand pays homage to the 19th century, a historical period of great upheaval and major social, political, cultural and economic transformation. The dynamic spirit of the times is reflected in the company’s production philosophy: ancient and noble craftsmanship techniques are combined with sensitivity for technical and aesthetic innovation to enhance the expressive potential of solid wood. This results in stylistic solutions and constantly updated ergonomics, aimed at creating settings where beauty, practicality and well-being play a key role in the lifestyle of the home.

Every creation is exclusive and customised for each individual project. An authentic style and “sartorial” workmanship are combined in L’Ottocento’s kitchens and all its furniture, which evoke elegant, welcoming atmospheres where style and efficiency are combined in the quest for quality.

The decalogue

  • The origin of the timber

    The origin of the timber affects the quality and value of the raw material and therefore of the product. Only strong, stable wood, grown in areas with a moderate climate, acquires characteristics of enduring health and robustness. This is why L’Ottocento buys the solid wood that it uses for the doors exclusively from Europe (walnut, cherry, oak and ash) and the United States (Canaletto walnut and tulipwood) while the blockboard, which is used for the creation of panels, carcasses and shelves, only comes from European countries. Furthermore, the company ensures an ethical approach by only sourcing timber from areas undergoing controlled reforestation, promoting innovative environmentally-friendly criteria.
  • The wood

    L’Ottocento finds and selects only the best wood, with characteristics suitable to their production method. The solid wood is purchased having been aged for a minimum of 18 months, following an important vaporization process and a drying cycle with alternating hot and cold ventilation. The result is solid wood with an internal humidity level that never exceeds 10%, with a minimized risk of movement and adjustments.
  • The carcasses

    All the carcasses are made from fir blockboard with a thickness of 19 mm, veneered with ash. The machined panels come from Italian companies that produce strictly in Italy and in accordance with certified regulations, guaranteeing their origin and the use of nonharmful substances and adhesives. Each carcass is finished on the front edge with a different type of solid wood, depending on the model. The assembly is then performed with joints and heat-resistant adhesives that ensure durability. Finally, the 12 mm plywood back panels are worked with slight decorative tongueandgroove beaded patterns.
  • The doors and elements in solid wood

    The doors are produced one at a time, with meticulous attention to detail. Depending on the model, the types of wood used for the solid wood parts are walnut, cherry, oak, European ash and Canaletto walnut. When lacquered, they are veneered with the same wood species, carefully ensuring that the direction of the grain matches that on the edges of the door. This laborious operation is carried out in order to minimize any possible movement and curvature of the door’s components, due to moisture and temperature changes in the kitchen. Another outstanding, valuable feature, which is now an exclusive characteristic of L’Ottocento, is the construction of the doors half-overlaying the frame, similar to a small window frame, which is the most effective antidust system without the need for seals or ugly plastic profiles
  • The drawers

    Solid ash is used for the internal structure of the drawers, which are assembled with dovetail joints. Self-lubricating, retractable and fullyextractable runners are used to pull-out the drawers, featuring a soft close mechanism. To guarantee the product’s authenticity, the company logo is branded on the sides of each drawer.
  • The functionality

    L’Ottocento embraces technological advancements by combining woodworking construction techniques with the latest systems and mechanisms for opening and movement, which enable more efficient use of space as well as improved ergonomics in the kitchen environment and come from the most qualified Italian and German companies in the industry. It is also possible to choose from a variety of internal fittings for base and tall units, so the cabinets can be fully-customized.
  • The pre-assembly

    The various elements that make up the kitchen are pre-assembled in line with the overall project: everything is prepared as though it were already inside the space for which the product is intended. Drawers, doors and any movement and opening systems are tested on the various elements and finally all the necessary frames and profiles are adjusted. All this, combined with an accurate and prearranged check of the measurements of the room that is going to be furnished, enables a thorough comparison in order to minimize the margin of error.
  • The finishing

    All products used in this process are suitable for finishing household products used on a daily basis. The colouring of the wood is produced with oxides dissolved in water and laid out by hand. The varnishes for wood or lacquer finishes are acrylic and feature varying degrees of glossiness depending on the model or the type of wood. All the products used guarantee a high degree of light-resistance and above all make the final wooden product suitable and safe for use in a kitchen environment.
  • The packing

    Packing, a seemingly simple stage that “closes” the production cycle before delivery, is actually a very delicate operation that requires special care and preparation, both in terms of the choice of packaging materials and the need to perfectly protect the furniture being transported. Polyethylene bubble wrap, adhesive tape, cardboard and polyethylene corner protectors, all of which are 100% recyclable and can be disposed in sorted waste collection, are used to wrap every product, safeguarding them from the effects of possible impact.
  • The internal manufacture

    Completely internal production is the company’s greatest strength: all L’Ottocento furniture is constructed and finished at their headquarters in Cittadella, in the Province of Padua. After arriving at the production unit, solid wood and panels are worked using cuttingedge machinery and the manual skills of expert carpenters, making every product truly special. They are also finished and varnished onsite by highly-qualified, skilful and experienced staff. L’Ottocento creataes and designs your kitchens by following their development step by step, monitoring all stages of the production and manufacturing cycle through coordination between the technical office and operational staff.