L’Ottocento website uses cookies to improve your experience on the website. The document that follows provides detailed information on the use of cookies used by L’Ottocento and how to manage them.
This document (“Cookies Notice”) integrates, with detailed information on cookies served by the site, the information of L’Ottocento (“Information for the processing of personal data”) available here.


A cookie is a short string of text that users send to browsers and devices that use every time you visit a website, in order to improve subsequent visits to the same site.

The procedures for storing cookies are based on user preferences, set on the single browser or on the device used to visit the site.


L’Ottocento uses cookies to support the navigation of people on its site. The cookies used for this purpose are persistent and are fundamental for the correct functioning of the site.

The cookies used by L’Ottocento only work on the website and do not reveal any information about the user, his use of the browser and / or computer outside of browsing the site.

These cookies are used for:

  • Memorize the preferred language for viewing the site;
  • Memorize the nation from which the navigation takes place;


L’Ottocento uses some cookies to collect and analyze in a totally anonymous form the site traffic. These cookies allow us to monitor and improve site performance.

The deactivation of these cookies does not change the correct operation of the site in the eyes of the user

An example of analysis cookies transmitted while browsing the site is that of Google Analytics, an analysis service provided by Google that allows anonymous information to be collected and analyzed on the user’s browsing on the site.

The information collected by the analysis services used by L’Ottocento srl are all anonymous and are not used to collect personal identification information, neither from the company, nor from Google.

You can get more information about Google Analytics and how it works by clicking here. It is also possible to disable the collection of cookies by Google Analytics by installing the “Opt-Out” extension (provided directly by Google) on your browser.


The cancellation of all saved cookies, or the modification of the type of cookies collected by your device is possible using the features provided by the control panel of your operating system or the browser used.

Follow the guides for the cancellation of cookies, divided by browser: