Uncategorized  09.04.2020

Total Home, the pleasure of home

Home is the place where people want to find comfort, safety and serenity. A place where spend the pleasure of staying, enjoying spaces and relating to others people.

Interior design choices play an important role, from different points of view. Healthy, aesthetically harmonious and well-finished furnishings contribute in making the home environment the kingdom of well-being for its residents.

L’Ottocento’s wooden furnishings are customized for every project.  The same stylistic continuity is declined in every space of the house, giving a sense of embracing welcome. An example of this are the Total home creations recently custom made for an apartment in a prestigious historic Venetian building, where energy, harmony and glamor coexist thanks to the functional elegance of the kitchen composed by an isle and an equipped boiserie. The same characteristic traits are portraited also in the living room area, enhancing the existing architecture.


Interior Design: Chiara Zanella
Project: Donatella Cittadini, Showroom L’Ottocento Milano