The Identity

Founded in Cittadella, in the province of Padua, in 1993, L’Ottocento manufactures artisan kitchens and living area furniture in classic and contemporary styles, guided by its passion for wood and high quality standards.
The brand pays homage to the 19th century, a historical period of great ferment and major social, political, cultural and economic transformation. Inventions such as new transport systems, telecommunication, the light bulb and many other innovations defined this era, paving the way for modern society.
The dynamic, enterprising L’Ottocento brand incorporates all the prestige of furniture designed and manufactured following careful research into stylistic and ergonomic solutions devised to create environments defined by their beauty, practicality and well-being.
Ancient and noble craftsmanship techniques, the legacy of a Venetian cabinet-making tradition, are combined with sensitivity for technical and aesthetic innovation to enhance the expressive potential of solid wood and create works that combine stylistic refinement and high technological standards.
In this sense, all L’Ottocento’s creations are exclusive: they are born from over twenty years of business experience and take shape thanks to sophisticated cabinet-making techniques supported by cutting-edge technology, which is customized for every single project. An authentic style and “sartorial” workmanship are combined in L’Ottocento’s kitchens and living area furniture, which evoke elegant, welcoming atmospheres in which style and efficiency are united with high quality.

Ecological consciousness.
L’Ottocento’s corporate philosophy is dedicated to sustainable growth and consumer protection. The company is committed to environmental protection throughout the production chain. L’Ottocento’s sensitivity for the environment begins in the supply phase of raw material from controlled crops. Solid wood, in which formaldehyde is naturally present in negligible quantities, enters the company’s production process and is transformed into sophisticated, healthy furniture. The precious lacquer, produced through a series of manual processes, the naturalness of the water colours and the use of ecological paints complete a production management and business policy driven by environmental awareness that supports consumers and the environment that they inhabit.